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Trade Name:
Minion Incorporated.


35-2, Kitasenzoku 3 Chome, Ohta-Ku, 
Tokyo 145-0062, Japan

President: Mr. Futamu Sakurai

September 3rd of 1958 (1958/09/03)

Capital: 10,000,000. (JYN)

Business line: Import and Export Businesses put out below;

Automobile, Railroad Vehicle, Aircraft and Ship,

Machine Tool, Tools,

Material for Fiber, Lumber, Steel, Stone, Artificial Resin Commodity and Product,

Medical Supply, Medicine Public Item and Medical Equipment, Cosmetics,

Leather Raw Materials, Fur and the product,

Jewel, Gemstone and Precious Metal,

Fine Arts and Antique.

Foodstuff and Beverage Item, Seasoning and Food Additive,

Motion Equipment,

Daily Necessaries Miscellaneous Goods, and

Consultant Business,
Execution and Enterprise Necessary Personnel Education,
Issue of Newspaper Magazine, Publication and Announcement Proxy Service.
Buying and Selling of Real Estate and Lease Mediation Business, and
Accompanies to the Front Each Number All Business.
  < We have won > In the New Hampshire State Supreme Court on a serious Legal
              malpratice case during the years of 1988-1995

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